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 2009 Reunion Review

The turnout for the 2009 reunion was fantastic. Approximately 30 ex-swimmers and their families attend the organised events. Below is a rogue's gallery of ex-swimmers.

Woody said we wouldn't be able to remember all the names of those in the picture because most of us had Alzheimers (Woody’s favourite question was – "where am I?"), so we had the names of all the rogues printed on the picture as well. And of course some of the names have been misspelled to protect the innocent.

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2009 Reunion Photo

Friday's Activities:

Saturday's Activities:

On Sunday there was no final gathering. Each of us went our own way. We had laughed together and had become reacquainted - the years had been pushed back. We left somewhat sad, but happy that we had attended.

During the swimming pool visit, all who were present agreed it would be nice to meet up again in 2010. The reunion committee was re-elected and duly tasked with making it happen.