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 2017 Weekend Activities
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Please find below a list of tentative activities for the 2017 reunion. We have a full list of activities for you and we hope you enjoy the weekend together with old friends.

  1. 3:30pm to 5:30pm - Meet and Greet pizza and beer at the Hideaway (mandatory): Come meet and talk to old friends.
  2. 5:30pm to 6pm - Group Photo in front of Old Central (mandatory): We will arrange for yet another group photograph to be taken and it will take pride of place on the website.
  3. 7:00pm onwards - Hot Links informal gathering. Groupies are welcome. Venue TBD.
  1. 09:30am - Gather in the entrance way of the Colvin Center. We will go play in the pool. Bring your swim suits.
  2. 10:00am to 12noon - Pool (mandatory):Mixed relay races.
  3. 7pm to midnight: Hot Links gig ... maybe! Venue: TBD.
  1. Say Goodbye: Breakfast at Camille's house. Hopefully everybody will have had a great time and old friendships will have been re-established. We will hug, kiss, cry, promise to keep in touch, exchange addresses and telephone numbers, and say our farewells. The website will stay active and we can plan for another reunion in 2018 if anybody is up for it.